Foxy Box Wax Bar – Victoria, BC

Lashlift 101


We hear you; we all want eyelashes rivaling Audrey Hepburn or Kim Kardashian-West! And this look can be achievable through curling your lashes and a great lengthening mascara. But here’s the problem: throughout the day the curl falls, and to compensate we often over apply mascara, resulting in clumpy and not so foxy lashes.

There is an awesome method of lash enhancement that improves upon what your mama gave you; Lash Lifts and tints! The Lift lasts for up to six weeks, leaving you with a super sustainable and low maintenance way to get the doe eyed look that is so coveted. You can pack your eyelash curler away!

The wonderful world of Lash Lifting is a great option for all kinds of gals. Lash Lifts are amazing for people with stubborn lashes, who can’t seem to get a curl to stay up! They are equally effective for lashes that are already upright; the service adds a uniformity and an extra definition that a lash curler can’t provide. Lash Lifts can also be a godsend for sensitive eyes that are irritated by full sets of extensions!

The Lash Lift is essentially a perm for your lashes. We use a series of cream solutions to curl and set the lashes, and then a blend of nourishing oils to condition and hydrate. The service only takes about an hour, and then you are set with a gorgeous but still natural looking curl.  We highly recommend pairing this treatment with our coveted Eyenvy Serum which lengthens and strengthens your luscious lashes to enhance your lift.


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